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Frequently Asked Questions

Cartridge/specialty filtersThese filters are usually found in BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, Saab, some 07+ toyota’s, 2.3L ford/mazda engines, and some GM ecotec engines. The cost of these filters are an additional $4-$14 depending in application.

Skid PlateSome vehicles have plastic or metal skid plates installed on the underside of the vehicle. Because we strive to do the best job possible, we may have to charge $5-10 if your vehicle requires removal. If left on, residual waste oil will accumulate, collect dirt and make a messy grease that sticks to everything underneath the vehicle and can cause premature wear.

Wiper bladesWe offer standard metal blade wipers are well as frameless “beam blade” wipers. Note: New England is tough on wipers, and life expectancy is about 6 months.

Metal Bladesthese are the traditional blade found on most vehicles. They distribute weight through the metal frame. When these wipers become worn, they tend to become streaky and the "blade" can start to tear off. The metal frame can freeze/rust causing uneven pressure on the blades over time. They are less expensive, and do a more than adequate job of cleaning the window.

Beam BladesThese blades have been showing up more often on newer vehicles. They are made from one solid piece of material, distributing weight equally across the blade. These wipers tend to be much less streaky through their life. When they are worn, the blade will start to streak and may tear off, or cause a blurring effect. They have nothing to rust or freeze and tend to perform better in winter. They are ore expensive but are known to do a better job and possibly last longer than metal blades.

BatteriesWe offer Batteries from interstate. They price vary based on application, CCA (cold cranking amps) and warranty time of the battery. Larger batteries with the longest warranty are more expensive than a smaller, economy level warranty. We try to provice the best range for all of our customers.